This woman deserves a round of applause and a throne of gold. This is the most realistic & amazing thing for someone to say for this generation of students. I wasn’t able to go to college this year because my parents can’t afford to send me and I had every scholarship, grant, loan known to man and it still wouldn’t work. Finally someone gets it!


take a leaf out of england’s book - as a uni student myself i can vouch for how good our system is, students can borrow up to £9000 in tuition fees and £7000 in maintenance/living/accommodation fees, no interest whatsoever is added for the period of which it is borrowed and you only ever have to pay it back after university if you are earning over £20,000 a year, if you move to another country the debt doesn’t follow you. You are also given the option of having an overdraft that can be up to £1500, which however i would strongly advise you either do not take or you never ever use because however much you dip into that, that amount WILL be deducted from your next loan to cover the cost. That being said England has pretty much made it incredibly easy and manageable to attend university and get a good education. I’ve also heard that in America some tuition/university fees can be as high as £60,000, you will not find that in England. I don’t think there is a university here that costs that much to attend or anything close to that.

In regards to the grades or prerequisites to attending a university it’s just as easy, I didn’t even have enough UCAS points to start the course I am on now, but I seemingly aced the interview and had the required GCSE grades (5 grade c’s or above) and am moving on to my second year of an excellent course. For those who don’t know UCAS points are accumulated through extra curriculum activities (not all, only those that state they provide UCAS points), higher education such as college or sixth form grades etc. meaning that in order to attend university you yourself have to prove that you’ve worked hard enough and studied and have the active interest to go, you don’t need to have great connections, loads of money and you can’t just skate by in younger life to be accepted, you have to go out there and earn it yourself. As somebody who didn’t meet the UCAS requirements I still managed to get in because in the interview I proved I was dedicated and excited and willing to learn and work hard on the course I was accepted. It’s all down to the individual willing to go to make sure they are accepted, and it promotes self sufficiency, hard work and having an active interest at a young age. 

Returning to the financial situation, if you have a household income below a certain amount you are entitled to a greater maintenance/accommodation loan as the government recognises that you will be receiving less financial support from your family. They also provide a greater living cost loan if you attend a university in London as it generally costs more to live in London as a student than anywhere else in England. 


Can’t believe Annie/ Suzannah/ Ramona has come back yet again with another identity including a pregnancy.. My bet is she is not pregnant and one of her relatives is. You can take photos with a baby but it doesn’t make it yours.

she was actually pregnant, met her irl when she was like 6 months along, she asked me if i wanted to feel the baby kick in her stomach.. i said no..

BBC Sherlock S3 Character Alignments

  • Lawful Good: Molly Hooper

just to point out sherlock holmes is actually chaotic neutral. He doesn’t fight for good or evil, he is neither malicious and ruthless enough to be considered evil nor is he altruistic enough to be aligned with good, he is hedonistic but at the same time overly cynical to the point where he simply holds no allegiance to anyone or anything. Now I’m not sure how Holmes is portrayed in this tv adaptation but his character overall and in general is considered chaotic neutral. Holmes technically works toward good and lawful outcomes but not because they’re good or lawful, it just so happens that’s where his employment, as a detective, leads him. He does sometimes lean towards chaotic good, but especially in alternate portrayals heavily based off of Holmes such as Dr. House he is pretty much entirely chaotic neutral.




The most dangerous phrase in the language is, “we’ve always done it this way.”

"Come on, let’s mix it up!" The heart surgeon says.

"B-but we’ve always done it this way!" The other replies, "this is how you replace a heart valve."

"That’s the most dangerous phrase in the human language!" The first surgeon replies haughtily as he inputs a fruit loop into the patient’s heart. "This will be his valve. He will be a fruit loop in a world of Cheerios."

That comment is the only acceptable response to this quote

i still disagree, see if somebody said that during surgery, the other shouldnt use “we’ve always done it this way!” to sway the other from a dangerous and risky move, but, and more obviously, should say “no that’s fucking stupid you’ll kill him GOD STEVE WHY DO I PUT UP WITH YOUR BULLSHIT”






dreyes114 hunn2

you do realise this is not a satanic symbol, but a christian symbol. The cross of St Peter, its origins imply a sense of humility in the face of the lord. So ye..

few tips for the ladies with vaginas





1. Use baby wipes every time.
2. Drink at least 5 bottles of water a day
3. Incorporate grapefruit, pineapples, mangos, watermelon, berries, & yogurt into your diet.
4. Exfoliate before you shave.
5. Use tea tree oil to moisturize the areas that you shave.
6. Use the tea tree oil daily.
7. Take your vitamins.
8. Invest in a soap that’s just for your vagina.

You’re welcome.

actually entirely unnecessary, as somebody who’s had a vagina for 21 years. Just clean it regularly and drink plenty of water.  


sitting in math like


with the neck movements she looks like a goose or a swan here


if you wanna win an argument in a dignified way

  • no death threats. they are tacky, childish and really harmful.
  • no ad hominems. attack their argument, not them.
  • google your point first and get a source handy. get sources from respectable websites.
  • don’t bring…

this whole myth about the meaning of the word bitch is really pissing me off,  bitch for one thing HAS no specific meaning, but i guarantee you to most people it just means a man OR a woman who is acting unkind, manipulative, who lacks dignity, honesty, manners or a pleasant mentality. I have never actually ever seen someone use it for anything else.

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