This Indian actress shut down a reporter for telling her to keep quiet about women’s rights.


still important!!!

if you actually watched the interview you would know the journalist was not trying to get her to keep quiet about woman’s rights, she said she agreed with her point, and that she as a journalist was merely trying to do her job which was document what Mallika had said exactly as many Indians took what she had said about the state for women in India incorrectly, and that they believed Mallika was just shaming India in general. The interviewer kept pestering her so she could get an absolutely clear statement that no that is not what Mallika had meant at all, and Mallika went on to thank the journalist, albeit rather abrasively (and rightly so) for allowing her to clarify herself, the journalist also went on to say she believed India was (slowly) progressing or else she wouldn’t be standing there today with her chosen profession. I think all the journalist was saying that despite agreeing with Sherawat’s point the point she made had been misconstrued. 

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Yeah okay sorry, but I didn't say that all smokers do that either. but hey, so smoking is completly okay? and not bad for you in any way? it's not like there is proof that smoking really can cause cancer and hurt you, yes, there actually is. :/ I just think it's sad how smokers always defend it, like it was no problem. Of course you can go ahead and go it but never defend it to make it seem less horrible to others, why would you ever want someone else to look on smoking as a good thing?

oh please don’t misconstrue as what I said to be negative toward your point, obviously there is no way to defend smoking as there is literally no positive benefit to it. You are right and you’re right to hate it, you weren’t inflicting your opinion on anybody else, you were answering a question and it’s your opinion  which you are entitled to express. My point about the health thing is that a lot of people overplay the cancer and health issues card as fear mongering to try and force people to stop a bad habit that makes them happy (not sure why smoking makes me and some others i know happy, just does). My only personal beef that would cause me to defend smoking would be derived from people coming directly to me and preaching about how bad it is for me and trying to get me to quit, even if they’re doing it because they care. I’m well aware of the risks but it’s my life, and I am entitled to live it the way I’d like. I am sorry for inflicting my opinion toward you, it was merely meant to point out that it seemed like you didn’t entirely understand addiction, however I don’t know you, so I could be completely wrong about that. I would never ever ever encourage anybody to start smoking, I think I am unique in saying I personally do not regret starting smoking, but when you said it seemed so unnecessary that kind of bothered me, if somebody’s made an active decision to quit smoking they certainly don’t start again because they want to, it’s a vicious circle and if you want to get somebody to quit for their sake, getting angry at them for relapsing isn’t going to help. :) 

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And what if a person would stop smoking just for you?


Once happaned, I was soooo proud!!! (the tounge is still nasty tho)
He started smoking again after a few months after he had QUIT.
One of the most unnecessary things I’ve heard of.

I seriously can’t handle people who smoke, the smell makes me feel like throwing up and I actually have puked just because my friend was smoking too close to me..

Just the fact that you’re breathing that nasty shit into your precious lungs (that you could not live without for 4 minutues)
it’s like spitting at your parents, hey thank you for life and these wonderful working organs,  NOW I’LL JUST MESS THEM UP BECAUSE WHY NOT MAKES ME CALM AND MAKES ME LOOK COOL.
You know what makes me camler? Breathing alright not having a nasty cough attack every other quarter. 
Jonah Hill Cut It Out

That really doesn’t happen to all smokers, pretty much everybody I know including myself smokes and none of them have ever experienced anything like that, I myself have been smoking for 5 years and have never had any complaints with my lungs or with coughs. It’s not like there’s really an excuse to start smoking, I certainly didn’t start it to “look cool”, but there are worse things, so much worse. Also it’s not like he quit and then thought hmm nah I think I’ll just start smoking again, it was probably more like the whole relapsing into addiction thing, quitting smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to kick, I’ve tried quitting 6 times, never successfully. You’re perfectly entitled to hate the act of smoking and there’s no need to feel sorry for smokers trying to quit but it’s really not like people actively choose to start again, if you believe that is the case you need to understand addiction more. Anyway, smoking is quite disgusting but for some reason I love doing it.. 


Set French Toast to hyperspeed and rocket into my mouth pls.

is THAT what american’s call french toast?!






this poor fish would have been over 25 years old and now it’s dead because people suck

He/she was murdered just so people can unnecessarily consume his/her flesh for no reason other than humans think they are above other creatures. Rest your soul big bubba.

Someone should put a hook in that guy’s mouth and drive down the street with him in tow, see how he fucking likes it.

No, no, it’s fine!  It’s all for sport!  TRADITION!  We’ll pull it out of his face afterwards.  No harm, no foul.  Nobody’s getting hurt, here…

That poor beautiful creature.

I am often confronted with this argument when proclaiming my hatred for hunting; but all predators do it! it’s natural! Lions hunt, even insects and arachnids hunt, but it’s like, yeah we also happen to be creatures who have the mental capacity to understand that it’s wrong, to understand the negative implications hunting can have on animals, and i highly doubt a lioness, wolf or other predator has been tentatively looking on at its supposed prey with unease and been thinking “y’know this just feels wrong to me..” i’m pretty certain they don’t have that sort of emotional and mental capacity, though correct me if i’m wrong. Humans have evolved beyond being driven by basic instinct, PLUS we don’t need to hunt or eat meat, there is plenty of food out there that provides the nutritional substances and food components that humans do need to remain healthy, that mean we don’t need to eat any sort of animal product such as omega 3 supplements, lentils for protein, etc. 

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hi i realise you dont have lush on your list. is there a reason for that?


Although their policy against animal testing is fantastic, and the lengths they go to to ensure none of the ingredients etc are tested is just great. 

But our list only has 100% vegan companies - Lush unfortunately still use honey, beeswax and, maybe one or two other animal derived ingredients, in some products. 

Thank you for asking though - and please never hesitate to, there is every chance we could have simply missed a brand, or not heard of one etc. We are only human! 

i think it’s because a lot of their products are bath and shower products and a great deal of it is soap or body butter, which can contain animal fat

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What the hell is wrong with you that makes you think that neo nazis and rapists don't fucking hurt anyone? Jesus fucking christ


i do think they have hurt people you silly fuck, i just believe someone people deserve forgiveness

yeah some people do, but they don’t.

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You are a gross rape apologist. Rapists deserve no mercy


and that is your opinion

the fact that it isn’t yours is fucking atrocious.

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In regards to your "we are all human, just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean you get to treat them badly" statement. I was hoping you could tell me what your opinion would be if someone you loved/cared for was to be raped or murdered. Would you still feel that the woman/man who hurt your loved one was equal to everyone else. Would you not judge them, would you not hate them? Would you not feel then that they were a bad person? I'm extremely curious as to your answer.


I would be extremely angry and upset and may even want to seek revenge, but I would constantly be plagued by the idea that I could never know for sure if my vengeance was justified.  I think living in a world of such extremes is a mistake many people make very frequently.  They think because you defend one type of person for one thing that you not only condone it but encourage everything that person does.  I am not saint, but I believe every person, no matter how “bad” may have their uses towards the “good” of humanity in other ways, but how do I even know what the true definition of “good” is?  Is it based on majority rule?  My personal beliefs?  And why does my personal preference get to speak for all people?

you’re right there is a spectrum of “good” and “bad” and everyone has a different moral compass but there are some things in this world that will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be very very very bad, those things including intentionally causing pain and misery to somebody or a group of people, how can you not see that that is bad? This is not a case of one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, it is not, not even close, how can you even question whether or not you’d be “justified to seek vengeance” upon a rapist, murderer, torturer or neo nazi that has already hurt somebody you know and love. If there was ever a time for vengeance that would be it, there is a reason those types of people get arrested and put in prison, there is a REASON rape, murder, unwarranted assault and hate crimes are illegal, it’s not due to personal preference it’s to keep human beings safe, to try and put an end to the misery and pain that these people inflict. Those who get sent to prison for rape get the absolute worst treatment from the other inmates in prison because even those who have committed illegalities, those who have chosen to do things society deems as bad, even the murderers or sadistic serial killers, even they can identify that rape is wrong no matter which way you slice it. The only people that can’t seem to do so are rapists themselves.

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